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We offer high-end painting, stucco and wall decorating services, following our the-best-or-nothing-at-all rule: we guarantee premium quality, make the seemingly impossible possible, are completely adaptable and always receptive to even the most creative solutions. Give us a try!

Wall decorating

We decorate the walls and ceilings of your home or business space using special techniques, materials and paints that offer unlimited aesthetic possibilities. We create original shapes, unique colours, imitations of stone, concrete, rust and other elements, bringing warmth, openness, elegance or any other athmosphere to your interior.

We perform decorations in any interior space, regardless of its size, purpose, furnishing style and ambience – they are suitable for private homes as well as for hotels, restaurants, salons and other business facilities. We use only premium materials that are highly resistant to damage and dirt and then apply special coatings and emulsions to make them water-repellent. Because of this, they can also be used even in busier areas, such as staircases, hallways, children’s rooms and bathrooms.

In a company where we are constantly educating ourselves in the field of decoration, we also provide you with the most important thing: we are receptive to all kinds of creativity, and we can find a solution for even the most inventive and atypical ideas. We are a laboratory of decorative creativity, which first offers you creative reflection and then ensures top performance.


Stuccoes or trimmings are ornaments that add a sense of prestige to your home and perfect its style. Although they originate from baroque mansions, stuccoes nowadays bring much more than the classic feel: corner, floor, wall and ceiling stuccoes and rosettes offer a lot of room for creativity and can form a variety of shapes that upgrade even the most modern minimalist interiors.

We install corner, wall, ceiling and floor stuccoes in the rooms – they can be connected to columns, arches and rosettes to create a stylistically uniform space. Impact- and damage-resistant new artificial materials that can be painted, puttied, sanded and treated in various ways, allow a lot of design freedom and can be installed even on the most demanding surfaces. Another option for upgrading your interior is the installation of illuminated trimmings featuring integrated LED strips.

Wall stuccoes

With wall trimmings, we can spruce up a room and add elegance to it or create a true work of art – at home, in the office or even in a hotel room. Trimmings can be designed as any rectangular, square or other shape of your choosing, but they can also be used, for example, to make a mirror neater: all possibilities are open!

Floors stuccoes

Floor stuccoes immediately grab your attention, as they smarten up a floor or staircase, leaving mark on the entire room. They are made of a special impact-resistant material that can easily withstand major mechanical damage. By varnishing, they also become fully washable, which eliminates any worries you might have about vacuuming or washing the floor.

Ceiling stuccoes

With stuccoes, we elegantly complement the ceiling mouldings or create ornaments on the ceiling that are either in a modern or more classic style – even here, sophisticated technical solutions and materials open the way to a wide variety of creative possibilities.

Rosettes and accessories

Decorative rosettes and accessories, which can be made of plaster or increasingly popular mixtures of styrofoam and plastic, give the room a select aristocratic and bourgeois elegance of the past. Combined with hanging lights, as a decoration above the door or as decorative columns, they give the room the appearance of grandeur.


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