Penzel Decor 

Penzel, painting the world differently

The beginnings of Penzel date back to the time of the global economic crisis, which in 2008 painted the world black in one fell swoop. As painting experts, we were not discouraged by the dark times, because we believed in our goals that developed from our observations. In the painting business, we were increasingly bothered by poorly done work, haste, negligence and the desire of some individuals to earn a lot quickly. And it was this mindset that we wanted to surpass with a company that does things very differently.

The best or nothing at all

Founded in 2009, Penzel operates in a simple way – we do things openly, without shortcuts, using only the best materials and by focusing on the customers, listening to them and understanding their wishes. And in the end, we always impress them with the work done.

Wall decorating champions

At Penzel, we have developed intensively over the last decade and now offer much more than just painting, decorating and superior quality. Since Peter Gorečan joined the team, we have shifted to a higher gear: we have expanded painting, decorating and stucco services to include wall decorating, which has now become Penzel’s flagship activity and the expertise for which we are renowned throughout Slovenia.

Creativity in your premises

With wall decorating, Penzel fulfils the wishes of customers that others can’t. The work is creative all the time and often comes close to real art – we first invite every customer to our showroom to see first-hand the range of decorative creations that can be designed on the walls, ceilings and floors, which is the starting point for conversation. Almost everything is possible, there are a huge number of techniques that we master in the most creative ways. By adapting to each customer, we produce a work of art with a signature – a decoration that creates an extraordinary effect in the room.

Accolades and the way forward

The greatest satisfaction for us are the customers who stay with us and recommend us. That being said, we are also proud of the awards we have received for our work. Among them, we point out the titles 2019 Craftsman of the Year (Obrtnik leta 2019) and 2019 Master of the Year (Mojster leta 2019). Awards like these serve as an encouragement for excellence in the projects that follow. The future always remains unpainted – and that is why it is a challenge for us!


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