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One of our exclusive advantages is our showroom with sample panels, where you can see live all the expressive possibilities offered by wall decoration. Here, you can experience the various wall paintings – you can touch them, feel them, see them in the light and from all angles. This is completely different than looking at them in a picture or online, because only direct contact with the end product will give you a real sense of what can be designed on the walls, ceilings and floors. In our showroom, you can really figure out what you want. What you see, however, can only be a suggestion, a starting point for a conversation. Together with you, we can either choose one of the already given oprtions or start with the creative reflection!

Decorations live


You can experience the various wall decorations in our showroom – touch them, feel them, see them in the light.

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We look forward to your call or email to arrange a visit at the time that suits you best. In the creative environment of the showroom, we will fully dedicate ourselves to you and talk about your wishes!


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