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They are an unstoppable lure that the human creative spirit cannot resist. As a blank sheet of paper calls out to the poet’s pen, as an empty canvas searches the painter’s brush and just as our distant ancestors painted their experiences in caves, the walls and ceilings of our homes are a space to express inspiration – through unique patterns, geometric lines, organic shapes, special colours, imitations of concrete, rust and many other elements. The possibilities are endless. And we are here to make them all come true – for you!


Wall decorating

Do you want something different? We decorate the walls and ceilings of your home or business space using special techniques, materials and paints that offer unlimited aesthetic possibilities. We create original shapes, unique colours, imitations of stone, concrete, rust and other elements, bringing warmth, openness, elegance or any other athmosphere to your interior.


As highly experienced painting masters, we guarantee you top-quality work, using only the best materials on the market. We have many years of practice, know the living spaces very well and are always professional – all this sets us apart from the competition. Our guiding principle is to deliver only the best – or nothing at all.


Stuccoes or trimmings are ornaments that add a sense of prestige to your home and perfect its style. Although they originate from baroque mansions, stuccoes nowadays bring much more than the classic feel: corner, floor, wall and ceiling stuccoes and rosettes can form a variety of shapes that upgrade even the most modern minimalist interiors.

Partners for quality

In our projects, we use only the best materials of established brands, such as Giorgio Graesan, Valpaint Italia, Helios, Jub, Caparol, Blik paint and others.

Our customers

Thanks to many well executed projects, we have built a reputation and gained loyal customers who come back to us and recommend us.

Bowling Metropool, Planet Tuš Kranj
Šuklje Wine Bar, Ljubljana
Jay dance studio, Kranj
DRI, Ljubljana
Kavarna Europa, Grosuplje
Lawyer mag. Mateja Likozar, Kranj
Uzin UTZ Slovenija, Tacen

Pizzeria Antica, Grosuplje
KAHNE cosmetics, Trbovlje
TELEMACH offices. Ljubljana
Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia
JUB – BTC Ljubljana office
Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, Kranj office
Studio Sonata Photographica, Kranj

Casino BLED
Studio Arhideja, Šenčur
The Prešeren House, Kranj
DIGITALIJA Shop, Ljubljana
Hiša dobrega okusa, Novo Mesto
Optika NADOH, Postojna
Gorenjska Museum. Kranj

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