Penzel Decor 

Bring your ideas to life with decorative concrete

When it comes to interiors and home decor, the white surfaces of the walls can be a challenge for many as they try to decide on the style, colours and ambient they want to create. And while the emptiness of the white can be intimidating, it’s also an excellent opportunity to add another layer of textures and luxury to your home.

At Penzel Premium decor we have a perfect solution for all types of surfaces – decorative concrete or the micro cement wall treatment – a 3 mm layer of decorative wall coating, that can be applied to any base, smooth or rough. The advantage of decorative concrete is the application without removing or levelling the existing foundation. It’s also extremely useful for decorating wet spaces, such as bathrooms providing seamless results without grouts and easy-to-maintain surfaces.

When it comes to realising your ideas, the possibilities of decorative concrete are almost limitless – from a wide range of colours and textures to a wide choice of special effects. Whether you bask in colours or love the subtle beauty of minimalism and natural textures, we are here to transform your inspiration and stories into reality. We’ll bring your ideas to life with excellence so you can enjoy the results for a long time.


Here are a just few ideas and examples of how decorative concrete could elevate your home: